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Personal lines insurance coverages such as auto, home and life are designed to protect your family, lifestyle and personal assets at its core. We understand this and are here to help the ultra-affluent clients with their unique and, sometimes, sophisticated insurance needs.

Let’s face it, if you are a client with many personal assets such as fine jewelry, an extensive art collection, boats, RVs, and / or vacation homes your personal risk factor is higher than average. Hence, you stand to lose quite a bit if you do not have the right insurance solutions in place.

Our team of personal lines experts will perform a detailed risk analysis with you and outline where the risks are that could cause potential loss. Rest assured that we will locate the right coverage for you as we work with our carriers to protect your assets, lifestyle, and reputation.

Below is a list of some of the personal insurance solutions we offer. Please note that the list is not inclusive so please ask us about any particular coverage you are interested in.

  • Auto – This coverage protects your vehicles from financial loss in the event of a covered auto accident where there is bodily harm or property damage which was caused by any of your vehicles.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance – Protects the structure and the contents of your home in the event of a fire, storm or other covered natural disaster. This coverage also provides protection for detached garages and structures such as a shed.
  • Renters Insurance – This coverage protects the policyholder’s personal belongings when they are renting or leasing a residence, e.g., apartment, single family dwelling, townhome, duplex.
  • Condo Insurance – This coverage, although very similar to renter’s insurance, protects a policyholder’s personal belongings that are inside the condo. However, this coverage also protects interior structures such as the drywall, the flooring of the condo and the countertops as these items are owned and consider property of the policyholder most of the time.
  • Boat Insurance - This insurance helps cover the cost of accidents, liabilities, repairs and other boating related needs such as coverage for the car or truck that is towing the boat.
  • RV Insurance - This coverage protects you in case of breakdowns, accidents, or other mishaps that can occur on the open road.
  • Vacant Dwelling - Keep your summer home, beach house or cabin safe when you are not there with dwelling insurance. This insurance takes care of repairs that are caused by vandalism, fire, natural disasters, and more.
  • Umbrella (Personal Lines) - This policy can protect you against insurance claims that are above and beyond your underlying personal auto and home policies.
  • Flood Insurance - Whether you live in a low, moderate, or a high risk flood area, the cost of flood insurance is minimal when you consider the enormous expense of repairing or replacing your home after a devastating flood.
  • ATV Insurance – Provides comprehensive, collision and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection for your ATV. It also gives medical coverage to people you may injure and / or property damaged by the ATV.
  • Contact us today and start protecting you and your family’s lifestyle today.

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