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Compensation Disclosure

Asset & Reputation Protection is an independent insurance agency specializing in providing comprehensive and cost-effective insurance and risk management services to our clients. This disclosure notice is intended to identify the various methods by which we are compensated and how these compensation methods are determined.

Our Duty

Asset & Reputation Protection has a duty to serve the carriers we represent, the wholesalers through which we place business, and the agency’s staff members and regulators. In addition, we have a duty to be fair, honest and professional in dealing with our clients. We earnestly seek to serve these various duties.

Independent agents represent several, sometimes numerous, insurance companies, none with exactly identical compensation arrangements. We want our clients to understand how we earn our revenue, and the sources of that revenue. We believe this knowledge helps clients make sound insurance buying decisions, and helps assure we have the same expectations and assumptions as do our clients. We will swiftly answer any question you might have as to our agency’s compensation on your transaction.

Process for Quoting and Placing Coverage

We will typically place coverage first with an insurer for which we are agent, and go to the wholesale market as a broker only when coverage cannot be reasonably obtained through one of the companies we represent.

Industry Compensation Methods Described

As an agent our compensation falls into one of three categories: commission, contingency payments and fees. In some circumstances, our compensation may be a combination of commission and fee based revenue.


Most of Asset & Reputation Protection’s revenue comes from regular commissions paid on policies placed through the agency. Varying by product and carrier, these commissions range from 5% to 20% of each policy period’s premium as to products other than life insurance and surety bonds. Policies with larger premiums tend to have a smaller commission percentage. Policies that are particularly expensive to administer tend to have higher commission rates. Surety bonds typically generate a commission of 20% to 30% of premium. Life insurance commissions vary greatly, but are typically between 55% and 80% of first year’s premium, with residuals, if any, of typically 2% in subsequent policy years. Asset & Reputation Protections’ average commission rate on all business written for carriers we represent as an agent is approximately 10-12% of total premiums.


Fees based on the performance of the agent’s “book of business” with the carrier during any given year is called “contingencies” or “profit sharing”. Year-end reconciliation takes into account premium growth and retention with loss experience (not of a single client but the book of business overall) often being the most sensitive factor in determining the amount of contingent (profit sharing) compensation. Such agreements are fairly commonplace among carriers & agents.


In some states it is permissible for agencies to bill service fees in addition to commission. As an alternative to commission compensation, fee based agreements negotiated between the insured and agent are becoming more commonplace among medium to large commercial insureds. Fees associated exclusively with non-commission service items such as loss control and claims analysis are also routine.

Other Sources

In addition to fees, commissions or other compensation retained by Asset & Reputation Protection, it is understood that in some circumstances other parties used to arrange placement of coverage may earn usual and customary commissions and/or fees in the course of providing insurance products.
In addition, as is a common practice in the industry, Asset & Reputation Protection benefits from programs implemented by certain insurers, wholesale brokers (property & casualty) and administrators (benefits) providing for compensation, in addition to commissions and fees, to be paid to Asset & Reputation Protection based upon differing factors. This additional compensation may include non-cash awards and benefits. The insurance you purchase through Asset & Reputation Protection may be issued by an insurer, wholesale broker (property & casualty) or administrator (benefits) who has such a program. Further, Asset & Reputation Protection may receive fees from premium finance transactions (property & casualty). Additionally, Asset & Reputation Protection may share non-identifiable commercial insurance program data with third-parties for benchmarking purposes (property & casualty).

Our Commitment To You

We are dedicated to every client and prospective client that our decisions with respect to placement of your insurance have always been and will continue to be planted firmly in the promise to put the best interests of our clients first and foremost.

If you have any questions or if you would like additional information about any aspect of the compensation we earn on your account or data sharing please contact our office.

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